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Easy Email A/B Split Testing Ideas

April 26th, 2010
by Tom Klingebiel

Testing two Email solutions doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated and sometimes the simplest tests can have the biggest impact.

Here are a four simple A/B tests for your next email campaign that require minimal effort:

  1. Subject Lines – Choose a subject line with a strong call to action for at least one of your tests.  Recently I received an email from Simple Shoes with the subject line “Only awesome people will open this email.” So of course I had to open it, I wonder how many other people felt the same way.
  2. Images – Try swapping just one image in your template with a different image.  A lifestyle image may get more clicks with your audience than a product shot.
  3. Text vs Image Linking – Instead of a graphic button with your call to action try text instead and see which gets a better response.
  4. Change the Wording of your Offer – Instead of “Buy Today” try “Find your Favorite XYZ Product Today”

The possibilities may seem endless, but they don’t have to be overwhelming.  Contact a SiteLab Email representative today to help you make sense of the most effective A/B Testing options for your Email campaign.

Tom Klingebiel  (7 Posts)

One Response to “Easy Email A/B Split Testing Ideas”

  1. Tom Says:

    I’ve also found time of day and day of week to be very valuable things to test…and they’re simple!

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