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Hot Social Media Trends in 2011

January 18th, 2011
by Jenn

Social Media changes often.  While some of you ride the tides of change with ease, others may be joining the “Bring the old Facebook Wall Back” Facebook page as we speak. Whether you’re one to embrace the changes or prefer to fight fire with fire, you’re sure to appreciate some of the trends that are sure to continue in 2011. In the broadest sense, here are my predictions for the top 5 social media trends for 2011:Social Media Image Courtesy of:

  1. Group Buying – Just about once a day, my husband says “It’s such a simple business model, Groupon. I can’t believe someone didn’t think of it sooner…like me…I would be a billionaire.” Groupon is simple and saying it’s catching on is an understatement. Gowalla and Living Social are both trying to catch up, and look for others to get in the game in 2011. The whole concept will spread out to more industries to offer bigger (more expensive) products and services. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see more segmentation with Group Buying sites for Luxury, Services, Commodities, etc.
  2. Real-Time Market Research with Social Media – Us social media “experts” have been sharing listening tools and advice to find good content with our clients, and those listening exercises should continue in 2011. However, now with better (and easy to use) poll applications for Social Media, as well as the soon to roll-out Facebook Questions, clients will be able to conduct market research and create content at the same time. For most companies, the big, expensive market research reports are unnecessary and simple market research (at least amongst the brand’s fan base) can be conducted with social media.
  3. More social media integration in websites (replacing content) – As a Web Producer, I remember budgeting several hours for copywriting, collecting Branding and Style Guides from the client before an engagement, painstakingly checking all copy to make sure the italics and registered trademark symbols were just right. Nowadays, that copywriting time is allocated to SEO keyword and Social Media Research and Content Development. With the formatting restrictions of most social media sites, all of those former branding requirements simply can’t happen. In 2011, I think this trend is going to continue and go even further to replace traditional website content with social media content fed in from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites like
  4. Niche Location-Based Marketing – Did you try FourSquare? Me too. Not a big fan. But Yelp’s Check-In System? I like it. This is because I already use Yelp on a daily basis to write and read reviews, so checking in using their user-friendly Android App isn’t a big deal when I’m already there to get some suggestions on what to order while I’m there. Facebook, by far the most popular social media site, plans to seriously get into location-based marketing in 2011. Once that happens, LBS is on like Donkey Kong for the mainstream. Checking in to let your friends know where you are isn’t going to be much of a hassle if you’re already on the mobile site checking your news feed or updating your status.
  5. Social Media Advertising – Social Media advertising will be the new Display advertising. Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited website for the week ending March 13,2010 and has over 400 million registered users (Source! Social Media Advertising can be highly targeted (Facebook) and reach an audience that otherwise may never be exposed to the brand. I predict in 2011 that Facebook ads will become more sophisticated and/or dynamic, while Twitter advertising will become more widely adopted.

Other predictions for 2011 include more live streaming video, more user-generated contests on social media, less blogging, LinkedIn used for B2B Marketing as much as it is for recruiting, and an increase in usage in QR Codes.

So, other than the trends above, what does your crystal ball say, using social media, for 2011? 

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Jenn  (14 Posts)

One Response to “Hot Social Media Trends in 2011”

  1. Dana Todd Says:

    Did you know that San Diego is rockin’ a new startup for restaurant deals called Tip City? Former SiteLabber Bryan Monroe is involved, and it’s pretty sweet. Right now, restaurants can sign up for free to post Daily Deals of their own, and it’s location aware on their mobile app!

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