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CYA with a Social Media Audit, a Guide

September 4th, 2013
by Jenn

So, you’re going along, minding your own social media business… posting on Facebook… tweeting all day… Instagramming your face off.. then BAM! An irate customer decides to make your life a living hell. Equally unfortunate, you decide to let go of one of your
community managers and SHE decides to make your life a living hell. But, SHE has the access information, tools and know-how to actually do it.

While you can’t always avoid these incidents, you can be prepared for them. Start by conducting a social media audit to record the who, what and where of your social media presence. Here are some questions to protect yourself now.

How do you currently avoid risk?

The best way to prevent the unpleasant experiences described above is to avoid risk in the first place. One effective way to do this is by adapting your customer service policies to serve as social media responses.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may interact with your customers offline and online or exclusively online. Either way, you can assume that if you had a customer service “situation” in one place (at your place of business, through the contact form), you’re probably going to have the same issue in social media. Keeping track of how you successfully handled these issues, along with what didn’t work, can help your community managers offer a better solution up front rather than through multiple attempts.

What is your escalation process for resolving issues?

For each of our clients, we maintain an escalation process for resolving customer service issues when confronted with them. This protocol not only states who the community manager escalates an issue to, but also the response time for each person in the chain of command. The size of your company will determine how many layers this process includes. However, time sensitivity and short attention spans should encourage you to make this process efficient to respond within 24 hours.

Who has access to your social media presence?

You may have one or several people accessing social media for you daily; there may be one representative or teams of people from copywriting, community management, analytics, and marketing with administrative access to your owned media outlets. Just like your website, you should know who has access to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account, and any platforms you’ve setup to run campaigns or track social media metrics. Likewise, when one of these valued team members moves on, shut down their access and change the password to protect yourself and your company.

Do you have a social media policy? How is it communicated?

Okay, so this is really two questions, but they go hand-in-hand. Companies ideally should have two social media policies: one for your employees and one for communities.

Your internal social media policy should answer questions for employees such as:

  • Can I access social networks like Facebook at work?

  • Am I allowed to post about my employer at any time?

  • Am I able to post pictures of my colleagues or employers’ property?

  • What will happen if I violate these policies (warning, termination)?

The community social media policy should answer questions for members such as:

  • What is this community for? Sharing testimonials, customer service issues, pictures?

  • What is NOT okay to post in the community? e.g. swearing, hate speech

  • What will happen if I violate these policies? Blocked? Reported to Facebook?

Once your policy(-ies) have been established, it’s important to communicate them to your employees through training, or to communities through posts (especially when/if they’ve been violated).

I hope this post scared you enough to get started on your own social media audit. :)

If you have any questions, or need more information, please comment with your question below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Hi Spencer. Do people call you “Spence”?

No, not really.

If people call you “Spence”, what do you do to them?
Usually I let it go. Everyone asks. I don’t care. My mom cares. But I never earned a cool nickname – like “Ace”.

Just what is it that you do here?

I am a web developer with a focus on user experience.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from L.A., and moved to San Diego to go to UCSD.

How do you like it here so far?

I really like how it’s like a family. Some families don’t get along, and some families do, and this is the latter! (Interviewer: yeah…). It’s a friendly environment, and I can’t complain about the location!

What do you do for fun?

I love hiking and exploring new places, going on bike rides, and playing tennis. I also cook. I know I should have a specialty dish, like “hey, you should try Spencer’s ______”, but I don’t. I would say guacamole, but I don’t want to make Erin mad.

That’s okay, making Erin mad is a rite of passage in this family. I’m going to give you 3 objects and I’d like you to come up with something. (Objects are: Blue Play-Doh, a small honeybear and a sticker of a disinterested cat.)
(Spencer quickly forms a picnic basket, places the cat sticker inside, and gives the bear an arm to hold the basket, showing true innovation and quick-thinking.)

Welcome to the family, Ace.
If you have any questions for Spencer, or any of our team of smarty-pants, send it along!

Check us out on Facebook and help us come up with Spencer’s cool, new nickname! Send us the best one and he will forever have to go by it. Leave your best idea in the comments!

So far, we have the following:
1. di-SPENCER of Ferocious Justice
2. Mr. Splashy-Pants
3. The Grand Wizard of Spencer-dom
4. Kevin

Who’s Who on the SiteLab Marketing Team

February 19th, 2013
by Sarah

The staff at SiteLab have always been all about sharing ideas, learning new tricks from each other and collaboration. The key ingredient to our success is our communication.

Around a year ago, we began to meet officially in an open forum setting, to share our projects and the things we’ve learned from them. This evolved into weekly meetings, and the forming of a team. Then we formed our basic core drive, the heart of this extended marketing team: act as a trusted extension of our clients’ online marketing departments, producing results that directly and positively impact on our clients’ business objectives.

On our website, we state what we’ve gleaned from the expression ‘you are what you eat’: We are what we market. You won’t find a more dedicated bunch than the SiteLabbers — we truly adopt our clients’ industries and products as our passions.

You’ll see us wearing banana hats, sharing new citrus varieties in the kitchen, proclaiming our love for avocados to anyone who will listen, or riding the bikes of our client, Electra, in the parking lot. You’ll find us making the recipes from our foodservice clients (it’s hard to stare at delicious food all day long and not be inspired … and hungry). We can say without doubt that we truly are what we market.

So without further ado, we’d like you to meet the minds behind this ever-evolving, collaborative effort and their roles on this team.

Mike Zemans – Chief Experience Officer

Next stop: Christmas Tree Trimming Championship

Consults on SEM and user experience. Most often, the last word on any project that goes out the door. Google (or “G” as he calls it) is his best friend. Always wins the annual pumpkin carving contest.


Matt Parisi – Online Marketing Account Manager

In a rare moment of not being physically harmed

Account Manager for Sunkist, Oasis of Hope. A source of abundant SEM knowledge; a PPC expert who manages all SiteLab PPC campaigns. Matt gets things done and works well with absolutely anyone. 5 year veteran. Consistently injured due to extracurricular sports, where he brings the same drive to succeed.


Katy McClelland – Client Services Director

If you ever need help escaping from motorcyclists in 1930

Commonly answers to the name “Boss Lady”. Sanity for all account managers, and perhaps all SiteLabbers. Also the voice of reason and the voice for all SiteLab clients, always performing the balancing act between what’s best for clients, their customers and the agency. She’s an encyclopedia of client history. Owns chickens, rides in a motorcycle side car like a superhero side kick.


Jenn Barber – Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media

Liebt auch spätzle

Passionate about social media. Background in business (supply chain management), started in digital marketing as producer, then account manager; dabbled in web design, programming and copywriting. Nuts about social media and started the “department” 4 years ago. Pins on Pinterest like she’s on fire, is a Flint Coney Island Hot Dog enthusiast.


Sarah Johnson – Marketing Project Manager & Developer

Also has a wicked swagger

Sarah’s title doesn’t do her justice. Something of a ‘Jane of all Trades’ at SiteLab, switching from development, writing and design, sometimes all in the same day. She’s a savvy writer who writes the social media, website, press content and more for Sunkist, Eddie Osterland, Master Sommelier and Oasis of Hope. Is crazy for citrus, and ridiculously good looking.


Kari Embree – Marketing Coordinator – Social Media

What happens when you give people a sunny window office and too much water

Jenn Barber’s new right-hand woman. If you want to get social, talk to Kari. She’s all about social media platforms, tools, and tips and tricks AND she’ll recommend a great place to eat and drink when’s she done geeking out with you. Quick witted as a fox, excellent dresser.


Erin Adler – Marketing Account Manager

Is also a bucket enthusiast

Erin has her finger on the pulse of email and mobile marketing. She manages Hass Avocados, Central Garden & Pet, and all sign-up forms and emails that leave our servers. She’s an anti-spam wizard who insists on (and gets) perfection. She’s a music lover and also a lapadar…lapedaris…she is an artist who cuts stone, gems and minerals into neat designs. She’s not just a member of the San Diego Lapidary Society, she’s the club president.


Each person you’ve met here today performs a very important function in the team. We’re growing and evolving every day, but this groups forms a very strong foundation and launch pad to a future filled with exciting, cutting-edge projects. Find out what they can do for YOU and your projects — contact us today.

An Inside Peek at Our Weekly Team Meeting

It’s a Great Week at the Lab!

January 16th, 2013
by Katy

What a great way to start the new year! This week we have not one but three new things to celebrate:

This week we launched a new website for Sunkist called Lil Snappers™ (you know, for kids). Things you may not have known about this project – the site uses the open source .asp CMS called Umbraco and includes fun stats like “the world’s largest apple peel was over 172 feet long”.

Congrats to the entire team who worked on this site over the past few months, job well done!

We are very pleased to announce our new client, Cell Applications, a local biotech company whose products help research institutes, biotech, pharmaceutical, and consumer product companies make medical breakthroughs. Looking forward to partnering with them to take their digital marketing to a new level in 2013.

Last but not least, a new video was launched on behalf of the Hass Avocado Board, it’s a great example of how existing footage can be made more engaging with graphics and editing!

What are you celebrating this week? Let us know!