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comScore recently released their 2010 Digital Year in Review Report with analysis of many online marketing trends.¬† There are some great trends in the report we’d like to quickly¬†comment on.¬† You can request a copy of the 2010 Digital Year in Review Report here.

E-commerce Spending Growth Returning to Past Explosive Levels

The first trend reported shows e-commerce spending by month in 2010, along with year over year (YoY) trends:

2010 Monthly E-commerce Spending Graph

These trends are especially promising for e-commerce spending in 2011 as YoY spending increases continued to accelerate from mid-2010 til the end of the year.  This trend could indicate that 2011 is the year that online marketing spending finally returns to the huge YoY growth figure of years past.

Local/Group Buying Sites Opening New Ways of Consumer Purchasing

The growth of Groupon in 2010 and its implications for group-buying web sites in general, is a very interesting trend that recently developed:

Groupon Growth in 2010

According to this graph Groupon grew by¬†about 600% over the course of 2010….¬† Considering that Groupon has a huge number of imitator web sites, which are also becoming more and more popular over time, this shows a brand new purchasing behavior that is growing immensely.¬†¬†This tactic must be considered for the online marketing plans of virtually any local business.

Facebook Takes Lead in Users Share of Time Spent Online Among all Web Properties

This below graph on the Share of Time spent online shows the drastic growth Facebook had over 2010 regarding the amount of time users are spending on Facebook compared to other sites.  As Facebook becomes a repository of more and more valuable information (reviews, product info, etc), users can legitimately spend less time on other web sites that used to provide access to this same information, like search engines (Google) and portal web sites (Yahoo).

Top 5 web properties by share of time spent online graph

As you can see, while Google is showing some moderate growth, Facebook’s share of internet users’ time spent online is growing at a drastically more rapid rate.¬† This shows that Facebook is playing a far more central role online with users than it once did.¬† While Google will not be phased out out completely, it’s allure is certainly much less when better information can be found through other means than online search.¬† (For example, a restaurant recommendation is likely much more valued when found through social media (Facebook) than a search engine).¬† Percent share of time spent online for portal sites (overall as a category), compared to social network sites as a category,¬†still is far higher than that commanded by social media though – ~20% vs ~15%.¬† In other words, there are a greater number of portal sites with huge followings, whereas Facebook is far and away the top social network site, with very little other depth in the category.

Continued Explosion in Mobile and Online Video

Online video usage continued it’s drastic¬†growth online and is proving that video is almost a “must-have” for any content-driven web site.¬† Mobile usage has also continued it’s explosive growth as demonstrated by users’ continued adoption of ever expanding technological options.¬† Adoption of smartphone technology, use of¬†more rapid networks and increased usage of unlimited data plans has opened up marketer’s options for using mobile as a viable marketing venue.

US Online Video Usage Graph 2010

Online Video usage among internet users is still growing rapidly.  Predictions in 2009 that Online Video would continue to grow have proven true and usage continues to grow even more.

2010 Graph of Growth in Adoption of Mobile Market EnablersAs mobile technology is adopted more widely, marketers ability to use this new technology also grows.  Marketers ability to target users in untraditional ways has also grown as users become more reachable on mobile devices. 

Which 2010 trends are most important for your brand online? How are you capitalizing on these developing trends?

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