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Lead by Following on Google+

April 16th, 2012
by SiteLab

Many of us don’t have the resources to dive into every new technology and trend in marketing, let alone be first. With the ever changing landscape of social media and search marketing, it’s hard to know which ones are worthwhile. Google+ may have been one of those that you’ve taken a “wait and see” approach with, but now it’s critical for your business to not only be present, but active there.

But Why Should I Be on Google+ now?

There are lots of smart people there, and it’s growing. Google+ now has 90 million users, and is adding 625,000 new users a day*. While this number is dwarfed in comparison to Facebook’s 750 million users, it’s quickly catching up to the number of Twitter’s active users. Who were the first people to start using Google+? The early adopters – bloggers who recognized Google+ as uncharted territory where they didn’t have to be confined by the 140 character limit of Twitter. Now these intelligent people are waiting to “hang out” with you.

They’re making it personal. With the roll out of the new Google Search Plus Your World, when you’re signed into your Google+ account, and you Google search a keyword, in addition to your regular search results, you’ll see results from “your world” including web pages shared with you by your friends, Google+ posts from people you know (in your circles), and content  that’s only visible to you (like private photos from Google+). So for example, if someone searches for “best blue widget manufacturer in San Diego”, and you are said blue widget manufacturer, you’ll show up at in their search results if someone in their Google+ circles has interacted with your brand on Google+.

Your competition is there. The “best red widget manufacturer in San Diego” (a.k.a. your competition) may already be on Google+ since 61% of the top 100 brands are (Source: And better yet, if they’re not…you’ll beat them there. The benefit of building valuable connections outweighs the virtually no risk of participation.

It’s Google. Google remains the undisputed champ in search engines. And Google products like Gmail, Google Places, Google News, Google Images, and YouTube are at the top of their respective heaps too. They’ll be integrated as part of Search plus Your World to improve the search experience. So a user can watch a video on you YouTube channel, see if their friends watched it, find new videos on Google+, and email it to some other friends. At this point, Search Plus Your World doesn’t cover content on any other social network with a more limited audience, including Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr.  More information about the convergence of Personal, Private, & Public Search Results with Google+ is available on

SiteLab - Your Google+ Marketing Experts

To help you get started with Search Plus Your World, SiteLab created a 3-month plan for you to be fully integrated in 90 days.

Month 1: Optimize your Google+ profile:

  • Confirming ownership of your site/account
  • Adding profile images, writing a description of your page and populating your “About” page.
  • Adding up to 20 photos
Compelling Content

Month 2: Create Compelling Content

We get you started on writing content for your new Google+ audience, which includes:

  • One month content editorial calendar with 2 posts per week
  • Monitoring and engaging with followers at 2 hours per week for one month
Learn and Lead Keys

Month 3: Training

Now that you’re established on Google +, we train you to post on your own and engage your followers, which includes:

  • Two one hour web-enabled training sessions
  • One page instructional cheat sheet

Price:  Contact your Sitelab account manager or fill out our form for pricing.



Be the first in your industry to lead the way.

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