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diplomaReady or not, here it comes. Graduation is right around the corner. SiteLab Interactive is here to help with some real-world advice from its designers, developers, executives, and marketing peeps. You might be surprised to see that many of these experts (let’s call them experts, um, on life) started their professional career on 1 path according to their major, but in some roundabout way made it steps from the beach working for a kick-ass digital marketing agency in La Jolla, CA.

Good luck – you’ll be great!

“Work your network. Confidence and personality are the keys to success. Be driven and focused, but don’t forget to laugh and have fun. Be aggressive, keep an open mind to jobs. (e.g., I was dead set on getting a Fashion Industry job and ended up in Digital Marketing, which I love!).”
Jenn Barber, interactive media strategist, 2003 supply chain management grad

“Just because you’re out of college doesn’t mean you’re done learning, keep your mind open to adding new skills, experiences and projects to your resume by limiting the # of times you say no to new opportunities and actively seek out those that don’t come your way. ”
Rylan Bowers, Web Developer, 2004 Graphic Communication – Cal Poly, SLO

“Ask lots of questions of your peers and managers – get advice, ideas, recommendations, and the big picture perspective! You’d be surprised a how much you can learn from the people who are just a few desks away.”
Angelina Downing, account strategist, 2000 international relations + Spanish language

“Rock ‘n Roll was the dream, but it turned out that I was better at something else. Congratulations and remain vigilant for new opportunities, you never know where they may take you in life.”
Todd Foley, Senior Web Developer, Sitelab Interactive

“It doesn’t matter what your degree is in, chances are you’ll do something completely unrelated in your profession.”
Brandon Hilpert, Psychology/Political Science major; Sociology Minor

“Surround yourself by experts in your field. Go to events, trade shows and conferences. It’s a great way to learn about your business from the pioneers of the industry and a perfect place to network. Stay involved! ”
Tom Klingebiel, Online Media Manager, 2002 marketing grad

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who currently has your dream job and ask them to be your mentor. You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to give up some of their time to give guidance or advice, especially if you buy them lunch!”
Katy McClelland, Client Services Manager, B.A. in Anthropology, UCSD

This overachiever had 2…dork

“Never say “that’s not my job”, be willing to step in and do anything and everything. Not only will your efforts be recognized, you may just find you like a job that you never thought you would.”
Katy McClelland, Client Services Manager, B.A. in Anthropology, UCSD

“Find time to get out of the office during the day. It helps to clear your head and rest your mind.”
Lee Pacheco, Account Executive, B.S. in Marketing, MSU

“Knowing is half the battle, so don’t be scared of starting something new. You’ve got to start somewhere, so don’t write off internships to gain experience.”
Matt Parisi, Online Marketing Account Manager, B.A. in Communications, UCSD

“Two words: Embrace Change. Technology is advancing so quickly these days that some of the things students learn in their first year of college are obsolete by the time they graduate. Students must learn how to cope with a quickly changing environment, especially in the Internet/Online/Mobile fields.”
Troy Troxler, Vice President, 1996 Mathematics/Computer Science Grad

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