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To complement the next generation of its video conferencing software, WiredRed joined with SiteLab Interactive to create   The new site offers a brand new, refreshed look and feel to go with the new brand name, Nefsis.  Using SiteLab’s proprietary website development process, the design of the site was driven by search engine optimization research to ensure the best possible mapping between user expectation and information architecture.  Competing against industry giants such as Citrix, Adobe and Microsoft, one of the major prerequisites for designing the site was to maintain prime real estate in search engine results pages without sacrificing design considerations.

The new site will feature a flash-based header to promote user interaction.  The header will rotate between six different screenshots and accompanying text that will expand and play a short movie upon a user’s click.  Upon completion of the movie, users can choose to continue to the accompanying page on the website, or he/she can choose to return to browsing.  Combining world class web design, a well informed information architecture plan, and interactive elements, SiteLab Interactive and Nefsis have united to release a site that is as enjoyable and useful to the users as it is profitable to the company.

About Nefsis:

Nefsis is a next generation, video conferencing service designed for effortless, business-to-business online meetings. It is backed by WiredRed Corporation and over 10 years of secure, real-time communications technology development, thousands of customers, and a team of professionals dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art and customer satisfaction.

 Nefsis Corporation
4669 Murphy Canyon Road
Suite 108
San Diego, CA 92123

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