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YouTube (GOOG), is trying something new: Showing video that is much longer than its previous 10-minute limit. It’s something of a test right now, limited to YouTube’s “content partners”, but it has potentially big implications.  Of course offerings like this, this and this will still be there for your enjoyment.

“So what’s Google thinking about here? One obvious answer: Advertising. YouTube sells ads against videos uploaded by its content partners, but there are only so many ads you can sell against a short, under clip. Presumably YouTube wants to figure out if it can sell more of them against longer clips.”

Hey at least they were honest about the intent, now lets hope I don’t see a V8 ad when I’m watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on YouTube a month from now, that will be just plain wrong!  One more thing the max file size will be 1gb, hey nobody’s perfect.

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-Armando Osuna

Online Media Planner, SiteLab Interactive

SiteLab  (38 Posts)

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